About Us

Supporting Education and Employment Opportunities

Eziko was founded by Victor Mguqulwa in 1996. His mission is to provide unemployed people with life and career-orientated skills in cooking and catering, and “empower” them to find employment that will enable them to provide for themselves and their families and thereby take a practical route out of poverty.
Victor acquired land in Langa Township where he had been a High School history teacher and his family has lived for generations. Here he built a classroom fitted as a training kitchen to house the Eziko Cooking and Catering School. Selected students attend a six-month in-house programme that is followed by an additional six-month out-placement at one of the supporting restaurants and/or hotel kitchens.

Victor also opened Eziko Restaurant in an adjacent building with a two-fold purpose; 1) to provide a practical learning facility for students during their initial six-month programme, and 2) to financially support the school, which is a registered NGO.

To-date, Eziko has achieved an 80% success rate in placement of students to permanent employment following the Eziko Cooking and Catering programme, and its reputation has grown.  Now students apply from all parts of the country. In addition, the programme is in the process of finalizing accreditation which will add credibility and provide those who complete the programme with a formal certificate of merit that is recognised throughout the hospitality industry. If you are a restaurant, hotel or an establishment seeking kitchen assistants or chefs, Victor would welcome your support in helping to place these students. 

You are invited to come ‘Share the Taste of Africa’ with a visit to the Eziko Restaurant for some real South African home cooking. As the success of the restaurant helps to support the school, you are making a ‘life changing’ investment!